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When it comes to cruising, Ullman Sails understands that one size does not fit all.  Rather than offering a stock line of cruising sails, we build custom sails that match the customer’s cruising style, boat specifications, and budget. We take the time to get to know our customers so you can be sure your new cruising sail is a perfect fit. 

Every cruising sail is designed by the Ullman Sails Design Team for maximum performance and efficiency, making your sails easier to trim and your boat easier to helm.  By keeping the boat flatter and reducing the need to reef, cruising is safer and more enjoyable for you, your family and friends.  You want to be confident that you have invested in sails that are built for durability and performance. The experts at Ullman Sails are available to answer any questions you might have about cloth selection, UV protection, roller furling systems or inventory options so you can make the best choice.  See below for more about Ullman Sails four lines of cruising sails that are designed to match your sailing needs. 


The Navigator Series offers cruising sailors affordable, durable sails for day sailing and coastal cruising.  While some sailmakers offer a standard stock line of inexpensive cruising sails, every Ullman Sails Navigator sail is custom-designed to match your exact boat specifications and sailing style.  The Navigator Series is built with high-quality, woven Dacron – the most durable cloth option available when you consider the ultimate life of a sail. Every Navigator sail is custom-designed by the Ullman Sails Design Team to ensure a perfect fit and a high performance sail shape that matches your boat design and sailing style. All of our sails are customized with the appropriate hardware and finishing details to fit your furling or other handling systems.

Download the Navigator Series PDF Brochure


Our Endurance sails are specifically designed for offshore and passage-making cruisers. Each sail is constructed to withstand the rigorous demands of long-distance sailing and prolonged exposure to the elements. These sails feature the very best materials and rugged construction details. The major advantages of these sails are Premium grade Challenge or DP cloth – for performance and longevity, and Beefy construction - Reinforced edges, wide triple stitched seams, double tapes on all edges, back-up webbings, oversize patches, and leech flutter patches on all seams. If you want to sail open oceans and want the toughest sails possible then Endurance is your sail.

Download the Endurance Series PDF Brochure



The Voyager series offers premier paneled cruising sails for big boat and performance cruisers.  These sails use the latest in sail cloth technology combined with proven construction methods to bring you a superior, reliable cruising product.  Voyager paneled sails use premium high-tech laminates and wovens, selected for their low stretch and durability.  These laminates hold their optimal sail shape over a wider range of conditions and keep your sails performing longer.  Some of the common cloth types employed in Voyager Series sails are Carbon laminate with taffetta, Dyneema with Taffetta, or woven Hydranet Radial cloth.  Our Voyager sails are all very custom so please call us if you are interested in a Voyager sail and we can discuss cloth and construction with you.

Download the Voyager Series PDF Brochure


This is the ultimate cruising product for the knowledgeable, offshore cruiser.  Designed and built like a racing sail, FiberPath Cruise Enduro offers the performance of a membrane sail with a rugged Taffeta exterior for extended durability. FiberPath Cruise Enduro is built rugged enough for offshore sailing, but is still ideal for performance day sailing.  The load path mapping in FiberPath directly addresses the loads of your sail, translating into a strong, low-stretch sail that performs in a wide range of wind conditions. 

Learn more about FiberPath Technology

Download the FiberPath Cruise Enduro PDF Brochure